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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let's Get Radical

(May Day. Ruthless times. The racist assault on our country and culture has openly seeped into Major League Baseball. And for good reason since struggle and plight has always been woven and forged into the people's fabric that is sports in America.)

Take it to the streets. It's time to eradicate these culprits. We know where they are and how they feel. This isn't isolated inside the confines of that police state. Racism in general and this neo-fascist ignorance in particular thrives on the division and perpetual conquest of the working class. The truth is always deliberately suffocated. Money and might, courtesy of the U.S., are used to displace people in other countries in the name of capitalism, (rural conquest, drug war, maquilas) and the people who flee out of desperation and necessity are blamed and fucked even further. And now, it's open season for an unprecedented assault.
Since racists don't know how to think(their brains are full of naziworms and diarrhea,)I want to run a few scenarios by them...

One. A crew-cutted pig pulls somebody over for driving under the influence of brown skin, which they've always done but now can do legally,and the driver who has lived in Arizona his entire life, longer than the pig who transferred from Iowa, but is told to show paper work and then "What's that smell? Cigarettes my ass, wetback, I'm searching the car." Any reason to incarcerate and destroy.

Two. What about immigrants from Europe? Does that mean that some backwards cap, Ed Hardy motherfucker drinking Coors Light and dateraping co-eds at A.S.U. might just look like a German or an Irishman? I mean, the light complexion, the blue eyes, freckles... "We better run ask him for his paperwork, Skip."

Three. The first time a Maricopa County SS soldier pulls over an Pima or a Navajo or an Apache and accuses them of being an immigrant. Ignorant fucking scum.

It's a call to genocide for all undocumented people in this country and a blow to any American citizen who is now doomed with connotation to this behavior until we work to together to fuck their plans up good.

Now on to baseball...
While the Player's Union isn't the radical bastion I wish it could be, I'm happy they openly oppose this horrible law in Arizona. All the attention that it is getting in sports, especially concerning the Arizona D-Back boycott is necessary and will hopefully lead to an exacerbated consciousness in the otherwise mind numbing universe that front-page sports media usually is.

Call to arms. Words like bullets. Blood on the page. Let's roll suckas.

-Smoke dope, put in the clip, play ball.

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