The Bullshit Disaster continues.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

...the perilous ascension from the bowels of mediocrity...

When you get down to it, the worst part about this season thus far is not their shit play and dismal record. That's the second worst thing. The primary cause of the Dodger fan's suicidal thoughts should be that there have been so many goddamn away games. And while there is no excuse to lose all your games to shitty teams, it's even more eye gauging that we haven't been able to hear Vin call any games. Most teams in our division have had an outstanding home stand or two. We've just begun. While I banned last night due to their stellar play last week, I think I will finally be able to listen to the voice of Vin Scully. Our honorary saint. When they were at home last, I had gone to Opening Day and then was out of town for the rest of the week.
So tonight it's just me and Vin and a bluntwrap or two. It's up to Carlos Monasterios who I really want to like so, Don't fuck it up Carlos.

And as far as the offense goes...Hey assholes...remember when you bowed down to the mighty pitching of the Washington Nationals? Well, these guys are even worse. Inexcusable, bros.

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