The Bullshit Disaster continues.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


A bad game is bound to happen, especially after a nine game winning streak. After several weeks of bad games, bad trips and bad shit altogether, a good, long row of victories have The Dodgers clawing up, arriving tattered and hungry nearing the top of the division. While they are at home the rest of this week, while the pitching is hot, save for last night's bullshit disaster, and while it will be a couple of weeks before Andre Ethier graces the line up again, it would be a good time to keep it up. Hopefully Furcal will be back at the top again, relieving Russell Martin of lead-off duties and facilitating a bench that's deeper than the formerly great Garrett Anderson.
While The Dodgers have finally looked like they are trying to evade dreadful underachievement, last night was a grand exception. The writing is not just written on the wall, it's splattered all over the motherfucker in pigs blood. Ortiz shouldn't be starting and maybe not pitching at all. Monasterios could use a chance. What the fuck is wrong with George Sherill? Some of these relievers still have earned run averages higher than me right now post-desperation bong.
This is all very obvious and there isn't too much to say that time won't scream at us soon enough. Casey Blake's beard has returned and so had his power. This is good news.
I think I might try and catch a game this weekend against Detroit. Party in the parking lot.

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