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Saturday, April 3, 2010

La Raza rant

If I have to read another bullshit columnist go on and on once again about how "they" need to purge Dodger Stadium of its "thug element," I'm gonna fucking snap. And what do they mean by that? Sorry if white people can't come to see their Phillies or their Giants without getting shit talked to them. It's ok in Boston. In fact isn't that what makes the old, conservative Baseball Writer of America asshole cream in his dockers? How Red Sox or Phillies fans are the greatest? The truth is there is nothing like seeing a game at Dodger Stadium. It's one of those stadiums, like Fenway or Wrigley, that should be left alone until they sell it to some fascists and tear it down. Until then, back the fuck off.
And if you're down to rid this cathedral of all its beauty and singularity, than you probably complain when you can't find a Jamba Juice. The Dodgers aren't going to apologize for their Chicano fanbase. Fuck that. Go to Anaheim if you want family fun. Disneyland or Angel Stadium. Have a good time. "But be careful, Ethan and Tyler. Orange County has Mexicans now."

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