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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Preseason Fodder or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate the Giants.

I just read an article in the San Francisco chronicle, the finest paper in all the land, where Bruce Jenkins had a cute tirade about the Dodgers, Manny Ramirez and for some reason, Eric Gagne.

What’s the deal with SF Giants beat writers seeping into Dodgertown a few days into spring training? Is there nothing to talk about concerning their own team?
I know it’s the calm before the storm and there isn’t much to seriously talk about until a cataract plagued umpire yells, “Play Ball!” on april 5th. So, media fodder is going to be inevitable but stick to your own, assholes.
Manny is dividing the Dodgers in half? You say that and then back it up with nearly every notable Dodger, young and old, talking about how they know Manny and it’s not a big deal. The players, Torre, Colletti and the fans aren’t worried. We know what's up.
The national coverage concerning Manny saying this is his last season in Los Angeles is fucking preposterous. The headline should have read, “Duh.” Or at least, "It's Still Fucking February!"

And as far as shit goes with Eric Gagne, I’m still wondering why San Francisco could give a fuck. Gagne is one of my all time favorite Dodgers. He had a great run I’ll never forget. The arm problems, the HGH rehabilitation, his post-Dodger resume. Nobody gives a fuck. Eric Gagne signing with the Dodgers is about as important as Shawn Estes signing with L.A. before last season. At best, if he makes a surprising comeback, he’ll be a middle reliever and the fans will cheer. So what? It still doesn’t explain the fascination with two nothing stories that have nothing to do with the Giants.
They could talk about how Tim Lincecum will win his third consecutive Cy Young but along with Matt Cain and a few other pitchers combined still make less than Barry Zito. Even with Timmy's new contract. You remember Zito? He's that guy that was real good in Oakland but gets paid ridiculously by the Giants for a mediocre curveball and a cocaine problem. Hey, at least he's never injured.

Dear Giants media,
Save your shit talking for when we’re locked in a division race mid-season. For now, talk about how wild and crazy Brian Wilson’s shitty tattoos are or about Pablo Sandoval’s new and improved 270 pound frame. You could discuss the Giants being the best thing going on in the Bay Area, in the world of sports and otherwise, which is real fucking sad considering the history of things.

You losers talk about yours and we losers will talk about ours. Until that first pitch is thrown on Opening Day. Then it’ll be on.

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