The Bullshit Disaster continues.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Introduction to this mess...

Today is as good as any other. I'm beginning this blog, a Dodger blog I guess, but it's more about the end of the world in a way. Or the seemingly fucked up bullshit disaster we all find ourselves in, as human beings embedded in the failure of these states and as Dodger fans. It's an inexplicable thing we all share. Because whether you like baseball or sports doesn't matter. The plain and awful truth is that whatever interest, art or passion you are into, it intercedes and coincides with the great and grand disintegration of this earth. And that shit is heavy.

But it's not all negative. Let me put my gun down so I can type better.
I can't wait to be in Los Angeles on Opening Day. I'm going to drink 30 beers, 27 or 28 outside the stadium, and hopefully revel but possibly recoil in the outcome of the game. Dodger dogs and pre-game blunts will also be involved. If my friends and I don't get hassled by the L.A.P.D.'s finest(four white males, copstaches and copglasses, all in their conspicuous cop-like SUV, narc-ass goons looking just like "any other fans,") it should all go down as a good fucking day in Dodgertown once again.

And so, with the pain and anguish of baseball inside a more broad and encompassing shit-time in American history, I'm starting this blog to document the 2010 season. The games, players, transactions, etc. But more than that, this blog will hopefully chronicle, somewhat creatively, the demoralizing demise of self that I face every goddamn season. And maybe just maybe, we can bathe in champagne and set fire to some cop cars sometime in October. Through summer's fine breezes and it's inevitably sweltering bullshit disasters, I'll be there. And I sincerely hope that you will too.

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