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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brox on the rox

I wanted to add a photo of Jonathan Broxton but I think this says it all. Except I guess Brox Ton is more of a Mack truck so maybe this just symbolizes the last couple seasons as a Dodger fan that Broxton has been a part of. The good (100 mph fastballs, strikeouts all the time, seemingly eons ago,) the bad ("Playoff Meltdown" and the memorable sequel, "Playoff Meltdown 2: Can you fucking believe this!?!") and the ugly(Cataclysmic Yankee meltdown of 2010, sinking, sinking out of contention and then into this season.)

There's nothing anyone would like more than a young, 300 pound closer with sideburns, from Georgia, who came up with the Dodgers. But he's making it easier and easier for me to accompany the choir of "boos." Well, at least we'll trade him to the Brewers mid season for cash and an injury prone minor leaguer who will fade away like last week's dopesmoke and Milwaukee Broxton will inexplicably revive himself and save 50 games next season. Either way, get him the fuck out. Lucky for us, the rest of the bullpen doesn't look so fucking good. I'd rather see Rick Honeycutt out there in the 9th these days. As I wrote that, I realized that I wasn't exaggerating. Fuck, what a terrible year.

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