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Monday, March 7, 2011

Fantasy Metal

Although I was never interested before and will continue to talk shit about it, I will sail the tempestuous seas of fantasy baseball this year. Or at least flow through the murky shitflood, holding on to some makeshift flotation device.
I was always against it because I have a life. Which is not true, I found out, so there's no dissuasion there. Also, I always figured I had enough problems with real sports and most of those said problems were superficially stupid enough. But here I am. If anything, it will distract me from more pressing problems, baseball and otherwise. And the league isn't a bunch of whitecollar, whitefaced, dickheads who have power lunches and say things like, "Gonzo is off the hook, babe."
This league is with some homies from Riverside and the team names include "Marihuana Cigs and Beer" and "California Lopez" among others. I currently fake own and manage the Dome Valley Bluntwrapz. And I'm going straight to the top!
Probably not. My biggest concern besides never having played fantasy baseball and being increasingly disillusioned with bullshit like this anyhow, is that I'll be too high or drunk to remember the draft date. Then I can end up with Jay Gibbons and A.J. Ellis in my line-up. Hey! Just like real life.
So maybe I can rant about two different threads of my life weaving through the shitstorm that surrounds us all.
Dome Valley Bluntwrapz. Y que?

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