The Bullshit Disaster continues.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sarcasm and murder suicides.

It's becoming more annoying when they actually win games. Or a game. That "historic" 15 to 0 blankjob on the Twins really rallied the troops. Two days later, they lose the series on a 1 to 0 reversed shut out. One to fucking zero. Solidifying their rightful place at the bottom of the standings. Well done, motherfuckers. Hear the roar of 15,000 fans sarcastically clapping, rolling their eyes, sighing, sunken, stumbling out to the half empty parking lot. Going home now in a nightmare of traffic and a mindless maze of indecision and fear.

Trying the radio to strangle your thoughts, welcoming any dissonance that everyday life can provide. But the radio just sells lapbands and then plays, Play That Funky Music Whiteboy for the 300 millionth time. And you've always hated that fucking song. Don't worry though. McDonalds is now open late.

Onward to a shitty apartment in El Monte, Pomona, Rialto, wherever. It just doesn't get any easier. The TV is on now and rich, Armenian cunts are whining about bikini waxes or something. Pray to some shadowy nonsense that you have a little weed left, a can of Bud Light, a Tylenol PM to crush up and snort, anything. You wish you hadn't sold that handgun to those teenagers last month when shit was rough and rent was due. But maybe there's a high note. A silver lining but you'll take bronze, nickel, whatever. Your one bathroom apartment has a decent sized bathtub to drown your children in. And/or yourself. That's today's good news. Go Dodgers.

*An additional high note: Jonathan Broxton still leads the team in Saves.

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